3 - DIY Cleaning Products You Can Make With Items Around the House!

Making your own cleaning products with natural items around the house is not only healthy, but beneficial to your home, family, and pets! Here we've supplied three easy DIY cleaners you can make yourself, with items around the house. Happy DIY-ing! 

1. Lemon & Orange Cleaner: Nothing speaks clean like the smell of lemon and orange. Simply take Lemon and Orange peels and place in a Mason jar. Fill up the jar with white vinegar! Voilà! You can also use any other type of peel for different combinations. Which ever appeals to your senses! The possibilities are endless. 

2. Spot Treatment: This spot treatment is sure to remove all FORMS of stains, from coffee, to "what is that" stains, this spot treatment will not fail! Best part? You can use this on your cloth diapers for a super clean each and every time! 

  1. One part Blue Dawn
  2. Two-parts hydrogen peroxide 
  3. Combine both items into a spray bottle, and spray onto stain. 

3. Non-bleach alternative: Hydrogen peroxide is a super power-house cleaner, plus it's safer and more versatile. HP can be mixed with white vinegar, water, or used full strength depending on your cleaning needs. 

Have a natural cleaning solution/combination that you use? Share it with us! We may post your responses on our next cleaning blog post! 

Send your replies to: purethreadscompany@gmail.com. Have a fabulous day! 


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